Friday, 28 March 2014

Oh, how I wish I had your wardrobe!

Kelly Osbourne has come a long way from the angst ridden teenager we saw on 'The Osborne's', over the years we have seen her evolve into a beautiful woman. I imagine it must have been so hard for her to grow up in the glare of the media, everyone scrutinizing everything from her weight to her fashion choices. I mean come-on we all had an awkward stage, I know I did and I've tried to destroy most photos of me from back then, I don't know what I was thinking, Kelly just had to go through hers with the opinion of everyone trying to put her down.

However Kelly has now become a trendsetter, her creative style and 'no care' attitude make her a celebrity to watch. I watch fashion police just to see what she is wearing, if there is one persons wardrobe I wish I could steal it would be hers. Her mix of prints and colours is amazing, she never fails to surprise with her innovative fashion choices and bold make-up looks and lets not forget her lilac hair which I just adore. I would love to be able to take more risks like Kelly does and I think I will. She not only makes great wardrobe choices but she has the attitude to match, she isn't afraid to say her mind, as proven by the many infamous arguments she has had over the years but that's part of why I like her so much. Maybe I'll take a leaf out of Kelley's book and start taking more risks, no matter peoples opinion.

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