Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Pretyy Things

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So I've been looking into redecorating my room recently, I'm a little fed up with it at the moment and I have been browsing online for some cute little bits and pieces to put on my shelves and for storage use. I've been wanting a record player for quite some time now and I have finally saved up enough money to buy one, I've heard some great things about the Crosley ones, plus they come in some really great colours. How cute are the storage containers, the heart-shaped jewellery box and the bird tin, I know that the My Little Pony one is technically a lunch box but I'm sure I could use it for other things. You can never have enough storage boxes. I also really want a new stereo system and I really like the vintage feel of this one, I think it would be perfect in my room. And finally the skull, I know its a little gothic compared to the other stuff but that's just me, my taste is so eclectic and my bedroom definitely reflects this.

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