Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

“There was no closing my eyes and sliding back into that blissful dream of normal. This was my normal now.” 

The second book in the darkest powers trilogy, starts with Chloe being trapped in the research institute and trying to figure out a way to escape. For those who don't remember Chloe has recently discovered that she is a necromancer i.e. she can communicate with ghosts, except that she isn't just a normal necromancer, her and her friends have been genetically modified by the Edison group, meaning that in some their powers are amplified and in others they are weakened. Unfortunately for Chloe hers have been made stronger, which means that she can't control the necromancers powers and manages to raise the dead, by accident, a lot!

I have to say this was a superb book, full of drama and mystery. Chloe and her friends are out on the streets by themselves, they have no-one they can turn too. After being betrayed by her Aunt, Chloe knows that not everyone is who they seem.

The relationships between the characters are realistic, they may not like each other but they have to stick together in order to survive, there isn't anyone else who knows what they are going through. I have to say though my favourite relationship has to been between Chloe and Derrick  I know their isn't any overtly obvious romance within this book, but you can see the chemistry building between them and I'm hoping Armstrong continues the characters on this path. After reading Bitten in Armstrong's adult series and seeing the relationship between Elena and Clay, you know that the werewolf nature is fierce and protective. So every time Derrick makes a somewhat mean remark, I know that he is showing his feelings for Chloe, even though it doesn't seem that way. Not that I condone mean spirited men, I definitely think he needs to change his attitude and be a little bit nicer to Chloe.

It was well written and engaging, with a great balance of funny and light hearted moments mixed with the angst and horror that make this books such an interesting read. I know a lot of people don't think much happened in this book and that's not wrong. Instead of focusing on a fast pace plot, Armstrong builds on her characters and makes them more well-rounded.

Now I just want to know what is going on with that necklace of hers, it changes colour but why is this significant?

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