Thursday, 10 January 2013

Friday Night Bites by Chloe Neill

“Awkwardness, thy name is vampire.” 

Friday night bites starts a couple of weeks after some girls bite finished, Merit is moving out of the house she shares with Mallory and into the Cadogan house to fulfil her roll as house sentinel. Once again Friday night bites is full of drama, action and of course a little bit of mystery.

Merit is still struggling to get to grips with her vampire nature, especially since she knows she isn't 'normal'. I loved her sarcasm and wit and we got to see more interactions with people from her human life.  Merit is a wonderful female lead she doesn't become a vampire and miraculously become the perfect fighter, she knows she is weaker than most and she has to fight so much harder to stay on top.

The chemistry between her and Ethan is heating up, they still have their love hate relationship but I doubt that will ever change. He infuriates me sometimes, every time you think they are getting close, he will say something hurtful or dismiss her completely putting them back to square one. I felt really sorry for Morgan, you can tell he really wants to try with Merit but her heart just isn't in it, they do have one pretty steamy scene together though. A few hints where dropped about him at the end and I'm starting to wonder like Merit how much you can actually trust him. I also loved how her relationship with Mallory is playing out, you can see they are both going in separate directions and their friendship is drifting apart, I wonder if this is a hint for what's to come.

Its not as fast paced as the first book, but has a lot more world building and character development, which is always important within a series, you don't want your characters to become flat and predictable.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, it drops a lot of hints and future plot lines and I like the element of dis-trust, you never know who is going to betray them next.

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