Monday, 16 July 2012

The 90's are back!

With the release of No Doubt's  new single settle down, I've been thinking about the ionic grunge style from the 90's and its revival in 2012. The grunge style was all about 'anti-fashion', breaking the rules. Grunge was defined by the music people listened to and it rebelled against the rigid lives of the older generations, grunge itself was a revival of the 1970's punk rock attitude.

The revival of this style has taken on a modern twist, we still want some femininity in our clothing, so instead of copying the 90's grunge style we use it for inspiration. Mixing grunge and glam together. It's all about the over-sized t-shirts, the denim jackets and high-waisted shorts, the tye- dye, the studs, the flannel, the hats and the longer skirts but giving it a feminine touch. It's a style easy to embrace and with not much fuss needed. The key to making this trend work for the modern day is to lift the dark colour palette with different fabrics and to add a bit of sparkle, don't be afraid to mix colours and patterns. Have fun with this style.

It's a look favoured by many of our favourite style icons today, I think it's safe to say that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are the current Queens of grunge, followed by the like's of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Momsen and Kelly Osbourne. But let's not forget that Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani are both still rocking this trend, they've been able to carry it on and give it the perfect modern twist.

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