Thursday, 5 July 2012

Emma Stone in Vogue!

So my new copy of Vogue arrived this morning and Emma Stone was gracing the cover. I absolutely love her and as I've said before she is one of my style icons, so I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with her. It also came with a guide to the Autumn/Winter trends of 2012, a lot of which I'm looking forward to. Summer isn't really my season because pastel's don't really suit me but this upcoming season is perfect, very gothic and decadent. I can't wait to see what the high-street does with these trends. 
Make-up wise I'm wearing very little at the moment. I like to have a very simple eye and play up my lips with a red or pink lipstick. This is very different to a few years ago when I used to pile on the eye-liner (no more). However saying this I am rather excited about some of these colour palettes for make-up this winter. I might actually have a little play around with some different looks.

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