Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Victory Rolls

This is a hair style I've been dying to try for ages, only problem is I'm not very good at doing anything with my hair. With it being curly I have the same style most days and doing anything with it is always a pain as I can never get it to look smooth without straightening it first which takes forever and I hate doing it. However I am determined to give this a go, I've found some pretty cool guides  here and here.

The other thing I've always wanted to do with my hair is have a fringe (My idols are Bettie Page and Zooey Deschanel very famous ladies all with very famous fringes), but I've been told by my hairdresser that my forehead is too small (which it really is) and for me to be able to have a fringe it would have to start quite far back into my hair (basically I would be stuck with it forever). The other problem with a fringe would be the upkeep, I couldn't have a day off doing my hair, curly hair and a fringe could lead to a lot of hair disaster days. But I've seen quite a lot of fake fringes recently. They come in a range of colours and you can always cut them to the style you want. It would mean I could have the fringe one day and the next day take it out. All the benefits of a fringe without actually getting one.

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