Thursday, 25 October 2012


So its Halloween next week, this is one of my favourite times of year. I love getting dressed up and going out or just sitting in and watching films. Hocus Pocus is definitely one of my all time favourite Halloween films and will be getting watched this year.

I'm very lucky to have the mum I do, no matter what the holiday she goes all out decorating the house and Halloween is no expectation. I used to love coming home from school to a house full of spiders cobwebs and scary monsters, she always makes the holidays special for me and my brother.

So even if you feel your too old to dress up (I don't), you can still do little things for Halloween, for example painting your nails with spooky designs  My favourite is the nightmare before Christmas design (these are not my pictures).

Halloween is very ,on trend, at the moment, just look at Topshops latest collection the witching hour or there  collaboration with J.W Anderson, which features a bat and ghost knit jumper, or a spider print suit (I have the jumper and the spider print top half of the suit, once a Goth, always a Goth). So why add something small to an every day outfit and celebrate Halloween with some spooky socks or a t shirt.

And finally why not bake some spooky cupcakes like I'm planning on doing, I shall post some pictures of what I end up doing next week.

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